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St. Louis Baby Photographer | Danielle’s Music Video

Danielle was a month old when I had the pleasure to capture her for her first portrait session. She was a perfect lil’ angel and allowed us to get a variety of images that showed off her beauty. I adore her porcelain complexion, those baby rolls, the peacefulness on her face when she sleeps, and those cute baby vocals that she almost sings. Of course I have a soft spot in my heart for bald babies, as my lil’ girl was a baldie way past the age of one! Soak up the newness of this lil’ beauty in her customized music video! Enjoy.

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Chesterfield Newborn Photographer | Eight Days

This lil’ princess is such a great sleeper and fusses only when she REALLY needs something. Daddy seems to have the magic touch with his daughter, which I think is just so sweet. I really think she’s so laid back because her parents are so calm and patient with her. I know babies can sense the moods of others and when us adults are calm, it makes them the same way. I had to smile when I saw the book “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer” by Tracy Hogg on their side table as it brought back all kinds of great memories of my lil’ girl when she was born. I read that book over and over and it helped me so much understand my baby, get her on a schedule and learn what I could do for different situations. Worth every penny for me! I think one of the best baby whisperers though is a grandmother – especially one with nine grand babies! In fact, moments after I arrived to capture Emily’s newborn portraits, her grandmother came in for a visit from quite a distance. How lucky to have family with you during this special and magical time. Congrats and enjoy the sneak peek!

Newborn Portrait in-home in Chesterfield, MO taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography.

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St. Louis Baby Photographer | Seven Month Beauty

This lil’ beauty looks just like a porcelain doll. She is precious in every way. This is one of my favorite ages to capture babies and Sydney reminded me why. They are full of personality, are cute as can be sitting and exploring, but can’t quite move around quite yet, so there’s no running around to get a shot. Perfect lil’ models. I hadn’t seen Sydney since her newborn portrait session when she was about a week old, so it was a delight to see how much she’s changed. It’s such a miracle how babies can change so quickly and accomplish so much in such a short time frame. Enjoy the sneak peek!

6 months baby portraits in family home in St. Louis taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography.

If you are looking for images like this of your lil’ one, contact St. Louis Baby Photographer, Yvonne Niemann, for more information and to schedule your customized portrait session. | 706.713.0676

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